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Overview/Mission Statement

Engaged in the private practice of law for over 25 years, Paul W. Swain, Jr., doing business as The Swain Law Office, offers the depth of practice areas afforded by a general practice.


It is a comprehensive array of considerable areas of legal practice offered by us in the areas of landlord-tenant law--- in both the residential and commercial arenas; family law--- including divorce, modification of custody, modification of support, modification of parenting time, prenuptial and cohabitation agreements, adoption, name changes; criminal law; personal injury; contracts; and wills and trusts.


The Swain Law Office aims to fill that niche between the large, urban law firm and those means-tested, legal services offered by state-funded legal services organizations and state-provided public defenders.  Not everyone is indigent, and not everyone can afford attorneys who bill at $400.00 an hour.  The small, boutique firm fills that legal service gap for the individual or family in the modest-income bracket, providing competent, quality services at reasonable, competitive prices.


Our very first introduction to you will be the free, initial consultation.  It may prove that your legal matter may be capable of resolution without any further expenditure of your time or money.  And it is important to understand: We put no time limit upon that threshold experience with you--- the initial consultation.  We will take as long as necessary to gain a complete understanding of, and to fully discuss, your legal matter.


Our further responsibility to you, the consumer, is to aid your comprehension of the legal process in which you find yourself involved.  Our goal, in this regard, is the de-mystification of the legal system, and to thereby aid your engagement with the laws and the courts.  It is not our purpose or philosophy to stand as if guardians of a "temple" to which only the privileged may gain entry.  Our mission is to provide you an entrance into the daunting labyrinth the legal system can be, and successfully guide you through its maze.


We look forward to making your acquaintance and to serving your legal needs.